We never intended to start selling WordPress themes, we had always been used to building bespoke WordPress themes for all kinds of businesses, big and small. It was only after we had worked with a few WordPress themes that clients had already purchased and needed some additional help with that we realised that there was big potential in creating themes and becoming a theme author. We thought, why can’t we do this too! We had the experience of working with WordPress for a few years now and wanted to see how the process worked to get a theme accepted on an online theme marketplace, and so we decided to give it a go ourselves.

Starting Out & Choosing the (Wrong) Name

We soon started to work on our very first theme, Semplice, and decided we wanted to aim it at bloggers. We were looking to get Semplice accepted on Mojo Marketplace so we also needed to come up with a theme author name, which would appear on the Mojo Marketplace website. To our surprise Semplice was accepted rather quickly and we needed to come up the theme author name fast!

Now to the point of this post! After some deliberation we decided on the name Sculpture Qode. The idea behind this name was that we would be ‘sculpting the code’ to create something awesome by not only caring about the design but also the code that holds everything together just as much. This was important to us. And the ‘Qode’ was spelt with a ‘Q’ so that it was more unique than with a ‘C’ and would potentially be more memorable. However, although the name sounded quite cool out loud, it didn’t come across as very personal, and as time went on and we found that our niche was creating blogging themes, it just didn’t seem to fit in all that well anymore. This name seemed to suit a theme author who would be creating large, multi-purpose, more corporate WordPress themes, and this certainly wasn’t the direction we were going in with our themes.

A Change in Direction

Due to the speed that we launched Sculpture Qode, we never actually had a chance to really design and think about our own brand and website. The website had everything we needed to sell our themes and other useful information, but again, as we saw the direction we were taking with our theme shop, the brand and website design wasn’t really reflecting our products and our target audience. It wasn’t enough. So earlier this year, we decided that we needed a complete rebrand, something that our customers could feel more connected to, and something that reflected us and our products in a way that felt more personal.

Why ‘Oak & Cove’?

We came up with the new name Oak & Cove. This name is more personal to us as it hints at our love of the outdoors, in particular woods and the coast. You may or may not know that the majority of our themes are named after places in the UK county of Cornwall. We love holidaying there and enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery Cornwall offers and so we wanted this to be incorporated into our new name somehow. We also feel this new name is so much less corporate sounding than ‘Sculpture Qode’, and is more personable, something we really wanted to get across with our new brand and website. We don’t want to be a faceless company, we love building WordPress themes and are thankful to all our customers for letting us do this for a living and it feels right that you should get to know us a bit more.

A Fresh New Brand & Look

Our new website is more than just our products. We have geared this new Oak & Cove website towards being a more well rounded source for getting you off the ground with starting a new WordPress blog. We have created a helpful Getting Started guide, running you through the process of setting up hosting, installing WordPress and choosing a theme. We will continue to offer free theme installation for our themes and we will also be posting more helpful WordPress tips and resources on our blog. Hoorah! And of course our new website design much better reflects our beautiful themes now – with a softer colour palette, a gorgeous combination of fonts and plenty of open space – all leading to a much more enjoyable experience when navigating our new site!

We so hope that you enjoy the new Oak & Cove brand and website. Rest assured our themes and the way we work will remain the same as before, and our products will continue to be backed up with our friendly support. We now feel we have just the look, feel and message that our brand needed and we are so excited to create more products, posts and resources under the Oak & Cove name.